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Bookgiveaways CiviCRM Integrations

Bookgiveaways needed to implement the concept of self-service events for authors to post, edit, and manage participants in self-organized promotional events. They wanted to implement this with CiviEvents to track contacts and use CiviMail for newsletters, but keep Authors interacting with the outward-facing theme of the website and without full access to contact data in CiviCRM while still being able to manage their own events.


This was solved with some customization of Webforms and the civicrm_webform project to allow webforms to use the CiviEvent API. Authors can view current promotions, submit new promotions, edit their current promotions, and manage participants all using Views and Webforms with some custom integration through CiviCRM's robust API and custom Event fields.

Monday, July 17, 2017