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NESEA had a previously developed Drupal 7 site integrated with CiviCRM for the organization's contact, membership, and event management. The site still needed a lot of additional customization to really meet NESEA's evolving needs, plus someone to manage the project, write documentation for staff, and do ongoing maintenance. This includes many integrations with CiviCRM, REST APIs for the BuildingEnergy Case Study Database and Registration contractors who print badges at events, as well as a complete redesign of the home page and the mobile experience.

Strategy:This is a large site, with community forums, local events, membership services, a net-zero building case study database with user submissions, large conference management, event registrations and membership signups through CiviCRM... the list goes on. The main challenge isn't to pack all of this stuff onto the site, but to make it intuitive and usable for NESEA's largely older demographic.

This project is still evolving but making good progress towards new features and usability for both staff and members.

Sunday, April 30, 2017